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Animal Husbandry Unit

Description of Research Activity 

The research activity of the scientific sector AGR 19 covers the following areas and topics:

  • Pet Nutrition and Feeding
  • Animal Welfare
  • Improvement of Livestock Production in Tropical Areas
  • Management of local wildlife

Pet Nutrition and Feeding. Assessment of innovative technologies for pet food (cats and dog) production. Effects of some raw materials (e.g. cereals included in pet's food) on the onset of some emerging diseases in cats and dogs. Study of energy requirements in working dogs.

Animal Welfare. Welfare evaluation, conditions and strategies implementation in farm animals. Research of social perception on production of food of animal origin: according to the social theory of the “Commons goods”. The research line investigate the various utilities produced by food: as a cultural good as well as a material good generated in a context of animal welfare safeguard. Evaluation of pigs, cattle and goats welfare and its impact on productive performances. Religious slaughtering and animal welfare. Behavioural analysis of zoo animals under different zoo managements.

Improvement of Livestock Production in Tropical Areas. Livestock resources evaluation and management in tropical areas of Developing countries, focused on animal breeding, reproduction and production. Specific research activities are carried and focused on the following subjects; characterization of breed’s productive traits, genetic improvement and preservation. In situ management and ex situ conservation of indigenous genetic resources, for maintenance of biodiversity. Evaluation of the impact of innovative animal health packages on livestock production and productivity. Livestock production systems investigated are: Intensified zero-grazing; urban and per-urban; mixed crop/livestock farming systems. Joint research activities are conducted with International Organizations, International Research and Development Centers, teams of International expert in conjunction with National stakeholders.

Management of Wildlife. Implementation of innovative technologies to survey and manage local species of wildlife. Monitoring and restriction systems to limit ravages caused by wildlife to agricultural land and forestry.


Staff of the Unit

Mario MATTONI Assistant Professor
Liviana PROLA Assistant Professor
Martina TARANTOLA Assistant Professor
Chiara BIANCHI Technician
Sandra MAIONE Technician
Pier Carlo PORPORATO Technician
Lidia STERPONE Technician



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