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Parasitology Unit

Description of Research Activity 

The unit conducts research in a variety of areas dealing with the parasitic organisms (including fungi) that cause diseases in domestic, wild and synanthropic animals, with repercussions on public health, livestock production and animal welfare. Starting from the study of transmissible agents and the fundamentals of animal parasitology and mycology, the research activities aim at clarifying aspects regarding etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis and control of parasitic diseases of animals, including zoonoses. Moreover, mathematical modeling, as well as computational and molecular epidemiology approaches are used to study the transmission dynamics and risk factors at the population level. GIS (Geographic Information System) instruments, remote sensing techniques and environmental geo-databases are used to understand the relationship host-parasites-environment.

The main topics being currently developed are: 

  • epidemiology and molecular epidemiology of sarcoptic mange
  • epidemiology of emerging and re-emerging macroparasites in native and introduced wildlife (Ruminants, Lagomorphs, Carnivores)
  • epidemiology of micro - and macroparasites of free-ranging wildlife
  • the role of wildlife species as reservoir of zoonotic vector-borne pathogens
  • epidemiology and molecular epidemiology of dermatophyte fungi
  • new diagnostic tools for dermatophyte infections in cats and dogs
  • susceptibility testing of Malassezia pachydermatis
  • epidemiology and molecular epidemiology of Leishmania infantum, Toxoplasma gondii,  Neospora caninum and Babesia spp.
  • new diagnostic tools for Leishmaniosis in dogs
  • ecology of euthermic wild hosts of micro- and macroparasites.


Staff of the Unit

Luca ROSSI Full Professor
Ezio FERROGLIO Full Professor
Pier Giuseppe MENEGUZ Associate Professor
Andrea PEANO Assistant Professor
Luisa RAMBOZZI Assistant Professor
Paolo TIZZANI Assistant Professor
Anna Rita MOLINAR MIN Technician



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