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Aquaculture Unit

Description of Research Activity 

The research of scientific sector AGR 20 concerns the thematic areas of Aquaculture and Freshwater Ecology:

  • Aquaculture, rainbow trout and sturgeon nutrition in aquaculture. 
  • Alternative feedstuffs to fish meal in farmed fish nutrition.
  • Environmental impact of freshwater aquaculture.
  • Integrated aquaculture and biorimediation.
  • Conservation Biology of autochthonous Italian salmonid species.
  • Biodiversity conservation in freshwater ecosystems.
  • Conservation Genetics of Endangered Freshwater species.
  • Applied Ecology, Supportive Breeding, Hatchery and Restoration of autochthonous freshwater fishes.
  • Fishing Management and endemic species preservation in Parks and Protected Areas.
  • Fish Telemetry and Radio Tracking.
  • Biostatistics, Statistic Analysis of Environmental, Genetic and Morphometric data.
  • Stress Molecular Markers and Gene Expression in Animal Welfare: Applications in Captive Breeding and Aquaculture. 


Staff of the Unit

Gilberto FORNERIS Full Professor
Alvise LUCARDA Assistant Professor
Benedetto SICURO Assistant Professor



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